HMB FemCare is a start-up social enterprise in Ottawa, Canada, founded by Holly Bridges, author, journalist and patient advocate for women's gynecological health.

We are dedicated to providing innovative feminine hygiene solutions for women with debilitating menstrual disorders such as uterine fibroid tumours and heavy menstrual bleeding.

  • Sick days
  • Lost pay 
  • Mind-numbing exhaustion from potentially life-threatening anemia 
  • Lost sleep due to changing supplies every hour around the clock
  • Buying five times as many supplies as women with normal periods
  • Missing social and professional engagements 
  • Hiding out at home with a disabling flow and the fear of humiliating leaks
  • Physical, mental, emotional, financial and professional strain while awaiting diagnosis and treatment
  • Having the same quality of life as cardiac patients in rehab recovering from heart surgery yet these women are not in rehab or even off work; they're out there working, raising families, leading ridiculously busy lives, all while managing their symptoms

We are working hard to deliver game-changing, empowering feminine hygiene solutions for women who are suffering in silence with conditions no one wants to talk about. 

To restore confidence, dignity and security to women while they slug it out in the trenches waiting for diagnosis and treatment.

Our first product release is coming soon.

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